Saturday, April 19, 2008

They Don't Care About Your Brochure

When you meet with a prospective client and it is a typical small corporate compliance, tax and owner's personal return engagement, what should you talk about?
Obviously, you will spend some time talking about them and their company and some time talking about you and your firm.
OK, but how much of each?
The answer is probably 95% them and 5% you/your firm. Why? Because the prospect(s) already assume you can do the back room work. You don't have to convince them. They already believe you can do their work because you've been to school, graduated, passed the test, have the license on the wall of your office, and have "CPA" on your business card.
Unless directly asked to do so, NEVER begin by pulling out your brochure and saying, "Let's begin by me telling you about me and my firm." ALWAYS begin by talking and asking questions about them and their company. In a perfect world, you'll take out a brochure as you both stand up at the end of your meeting and say, "Susan, here's our brochure. It has some more information about us if you want to check it out."
Remember, it's always about them, not you.

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