Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Book That Will Put Money In Your Pocket

Hinge is a marketing firm in Reston, VA primarily focusing upon helping professional service firms (including those of the accounting persuasion) achieve uncommon growth and financial success.

Lee Frederiksen, Hinge’s Managing Partner, recently sent me an advance draft of their new book titled Spiraling Up: How to Create a High Growth, High Value Professional Services Firm. It is tentatively scheduled for mid-September availability.

I confess I am drawn to the book because its marketing message is so closely in sync with my own. In summary, find one or more niches and then tailor your marketing just to them. Don’t approach prospects remotely (telemarketing, email, etc.), instead focus upon personal marketing. Make sure your message is clear and that you differentiate your services from your competitors. Finally, you provide superior service and give your best clients plenty of love.

If an individual accountant or a firm follows the action steps Spiraling Up lays out there can be no result other than success.

Chapter One of the book begins with this provocative statement, “There is a group of highly successful professional services firms that grow 9X faster than their peers and are 50% more profitable. And incredibly, these firms spend less than average on marketing and sales.” The book then takes the reader through an easy to read and understand explanation of the factors shared by these ├╝ber-successful firms.

While some of the book’s how-to is borrowed from what Hinge has found produces the most success for their clients, those lessons are augmented by the extensive research Hinge has conducted (in partnership with two other firms) with the goal of isolating those factors that are consistently present in these most successful firms.

When Lee and his co-author blended the lessons from Hinge’s experience with the conclusions of their research, the result became the contents of Spiraling Up.

You can download a 31 page summary of the underlying research at www.hingemarketing.com/highgrowth.

I do not know the details of how the book will be distributed, but if you download the research you’ll have Hinge’s web site and can check with them in mid-to-late September.

The draft I read doesn’t talk about how you actually convert prospects to clients (that’s more my niche), but it most assuredly provides solid insight about finding high quality prospects.

Check it out. It will be well worth your effort. And, just to make sure we’re transparent here, I have no pre-existing relationship with Lee or Hinge and am not receiving any compensation whatsoever for promoting their book. I just think its contents are spot on and you need to know about it.

I’m very interested in hearing about your reaction after the book comes out. Please take a minute and shoot me an email.


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